Gretel Leaked Video Shows Newly A7 will Come with Gorilla Glass Screen, Tortured by 6 Extreme Test

Gretel, focus on phone development, production and marketing, making their A9 device to public market just this month. Amazing news is that A9 already gets good presales and Gretel will Giveaway A9 on their official Facebook page to celebrate it.  

The leaked news says that A7 will be their next coming device, which will come with famous Corning Gorilla Glass and JDI touch display technology.  Finally, we find the full durability test video on Youtube, can be seen below: 

This video begins with walnut cracking testing the scratch-resistance capacity of the A7 screen, then continuously tortured by the other 5 extreme challenges: knife scratch; use A7 as the cutting board; hammer smashing; use A7 to knock nails into wood and drill test. It’s delivered a stronger, more durable glass designed to withstand the abuse we often put our gadgets through, such as dropping it in a pocket with your keys.

Also from this video, we can get the appearance design concept of Gretel A7. It will come with a small size screen and home button design, for those prefer to use their device with one hand, it’s a perfect option.

Except that, it’s said A7 will be the first 3G smartphone to power on Samsung camera sensor and Gorilla Glass JDI display technology. Regarding all the other details, it remains to be seen. Just please keep tuned here!


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