Maze Blade would be the most affordable smartphone with a distinctive design. Made For Everyone.

Last week, MAZE brand has suddenly emerged with a gorgeous 6″ bezel-less phone, and our source is told that they are really well-prepared to enter into mobile market by announcing another device.

From last news we know, the first smartphone Alpha will not be available soon. But today, we learned that their second device, Blade will be on sale at the end of March.


From the picture,we can see that two pieces of glass surrounded by metal frames make the Blade a beauty to look at and hold. It’s sleek lines and rounded edges add to the overall fancy look and feel.

To be more user-friendly, Blade adds short-cut key on the right side, easily access to the app you use most often. And add Guest mode function, enabling you switch to a different guest profile quickly to protect your personal data.


Let’s take a look at its main specs.

Blade will feature a 5.5″ FHD IPS display, with Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the front. Running MTK6753 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, with expandable storage supported, while camera comes with 8+13MP combination(no interpolation).




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