Android Nougat New features on OUKITEL U16 Max

U16 Max - 2.20.jpg

Recently OUKITEL is working on the new smartphone U16 Max which will do the toppest
flash sale and it’s OUKITEL’s first 6 inch smartphone which will also get Android 7.0. There
are many changes on Android 7.0 Nougat OS from Android Marshmallow. Then how many
will stay on OUKITEL U16 Max?
According to OUKITEL Product team, the U16 Max will remain most features of Android
Nougat, meaning that you can get an experience that you would get from a Nexus depart of few things.
The icons are still OUKITEL traditional design, but they also offer many other themes for
exchange. For the desktop, you can use the traditional design to put all applications on
desktop or you can change a new launcher to use the app drawer.
New features on U16 Max Android Nougat:
• New funny emojis in Keyboard
• Improved humanized voice search
• Mobile Data saver
• Screen saver
• Use two apps at same time
• Quick Multi-tasking
• Clear all recent apps button
• Quick reply in notification bar
• Quicker quick settings
• Editable quick settings
• Suggested settings
• Bundled notifications
• “Cancel “ button for downloading
• Easier settings navigation
• Keyboard shortcut helper
• One hand mode
• Guest mode
• Parallel Space-log in two Facebook accounts
• One hand FloatView
• Float gesture
• View two Chrome tabs

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