OUKITEL Sales before Black Friday on AliExpress

OUKITEL, as the biggest winners on the las t week’s 11.11 day sales, AliExpress will offer a special branding sales section before the Black Friday from November 22 to 25 (GMT-8) for OUKITEL. On this section, it will only show OUKITEL products. And some of the discount price have been released as the following shown:

C3: $49.81, 23% off, http://bit.ly/2g4tXgf

U7 Plus: $75.99 , 10% off , http://bit.ly/2fLpJcx

K7000: $79.99, 20% off , http://bit.ly/2g2QKZt

U15 PRO: $110.99, 10% off , http://bit.ly/2fLrqa3

U15S: $129.99 , http://bit.ly/2gmGnmx

K6000 PRO: $137.99 , http://bit.ly/2faHwf6

K10000: $139.99, http://bit.ly/2g1KAHO

More details about the other models and the branding sales section page link will be provided by AliExpress on 22th November.



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