OUKITEL U15 PRO hands-on Video

Many fans say that, OUKITEL smart devices always look attractive, like the K10000/K10000S, U11 Plus, U15S and U15 PRO,etc. And many users care about which one will be the first in stock. Absolutely , it’s the U15 PRO, which will be in stock the next week. Here is the first-on video from the OUKITEL Official:

As we can see from the video, the front of the Oukitel U15 Pro carries a LCD screen at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This 720 HD screen comes with curved edges and coated in 2.5D arc glass. It has a color saturation reaching up to 96% with high contrast. So the OUKITEL U15 Pro’s display shows vivid and real colors bringing a good displaying experience. In addition, the display is made by Sharp, which makes it differ from many smart phones available in the market at this lever price.

Snap up it with $118.99 here, 3 days left for the discount price:



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