Oukitel U7 Plus real photo revealed!

We can see OUKITEL U7 plus is designed to be a pretty and elegant device. It’s a 5.5 inch device with 2.5D polished screen. Similar like the design of iPhone, the top and bottom part of the front is wider than normal 5.5inch devices but the frame inside the screen is narrowed to 0.1mm.
On the upper part of the device, there are the front camera, receiver, notification LED, and PGL sensor. The power key and volume key are designed on different side of the frame, ear jack on top phone, mic, speaker, and USB port at the bottom.
U7 Plus is coated with a whole piece of piano lacquer painted plastic cover. Piano lacquer painted cover is showing a feeling of metal luster and not easy to lose varnish. The 13MP camera is on the top left with the LED flash below it. Press fingerprint is located at the 1/4 top, convenient for index finger to press.
It indicates in the video that U7 Plus will get 3 colors, space grey, rose gold and champagne gold, which color would you choose?


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