OUKITEL is challenging to build a real full metal body like iPhone 6s plus for U13 Pro

It’s not fresh to use metal to build the body in smartphones recent years. But not all the smartphone brands can build full metal smartphones. A smartphone with metal body gets a better hand feel, visual effect, stronger tensile strength, crush resistance and bending resistance than plastics.


Though many devices announced that they are full metal device, it comes out to be metal in the most central part of the back, while the parts on the head and bottom are plastic. Manufacturers designed the combination of metal and plastic because it’s really hard to adjust the antenna with a full metal body. If the antenna is not adjusted while, the signal of the device will be deadly affected.

Until now, only a few brands like iPhone, HTC already break through the technology and make full metal smartphones. However, OUKITEL is challenging to make its new flagship U13 Pro to be a full metal device. Similar but not exactly Like the design of iPhone 6s plus, U13 pro features three segment design. Except the nano-molding-injection line (section B&D) for receiving signals, all the other parts (section A,C,E) are aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy ensures the light weight of U13 Pro, only 156.7g for the device, about 35g lighter than iPhone 6s plus.

According OUKITEL’s product manager, OUKITEL is cooperating with 6 top antenna manufacturers to break through this technology and make U13 Pro a full metal smartphone.

More photos of U13 Pro can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/OAKu6


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